Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This was launched by the design house of Dana in the year 1932.The nose behind this fragrance is Jean Carles.Top notes are Citrus and spicy notes; middle notes are Jasmine, narcissus, rose and ylang-ylang.  Base notes areAmber, resins, civet and precious woods, รป sandal and patchouli. This fragrance is classified as Warm spicy and romantic.

I love Tabu. I mean…I looooooooove it, and I cannot imagine not having a little bottle of it tucked away for a Tabu fix now and then. :) I think it is brilliant. In my experience with it over the past couple of years, vintage Tabu is best. Tabu seems to age very well in the bottle, which is sadly not the case with all fragrances, some deteriorate even if they have been well stored.

However, the current drugstore version of Tabu is just fine, too, imo. So if you want to try a drugstore mini first to see how you like it, it won’t be vastly different than the vintage. It’s just that you will see more things in the vintage than you get in the current version. It lasts forever. It is spicy, sweet, smoky and animalic.

Tabu, for me, is evocative of Ava Gardner’s smoldering style, and I have read that it was a fragrance she wore.  There is a scene in a movie called "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" in which a sultry Halle Berry struts into Otto Preminger's office with a red rose tucked behind her ear and declares "I am Carmen Jones". If movies had "smell-o-vision" ... this is what she would have been wearing.

When I wear it I feel like I’ve stepped into another era. 

I adore Tabu. There's something so exotic and intoxicating about it's fragrance. It's very spicy and warm. It makes me feel good and sexy every-time I wear it. Tabu has always smelled too expensive to be sold in drugstores. The fragrance is similar to Opium. I'm constantly being complemented on how good I smell. So if you want to try a sexy and exotic fragrance I recommend Tabu. Get ready for the compliments! This fragrance is not for the timid.

I use Tabu cologne deodorant, the Tabu soaps make wonderful drawer sachets, and the dusting powder is lovely, too, silky and delicate way to enjoy this sensuous indulgence.  

I buy the HUGE vintage bottles of splash on Tabu by Dana that are just over 7 inches tall, just under 6 inches wide, and 2 inches deep, with silver lids that are on Ebay whenever possible. Right now I have two or three of these massive bottles.

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