Saturday, March 24, 2012

Niecy's Flaming Kitchen, the End!

"Corning Ware was first introduced in 1958 by the Corning Ware Glass company and gained instant popularity by the fact that you could use it not only in the microwave and oven but on the stove top as well. This was made possible by Dr. S. Donald Stookey, a researcher for the company, who created a white glass-ceramic material, known as Pyroceram, which was able to withstand a sudden temperature change of up to 840’F. Joseph Baum design the first pattern featured on these oven-to-table dishes; he then continued to design patterns for Corning Ware for another thirty years. The coordinating table ware dishes to the oven dishes are the well known Corelle brand. Since production began over 750 million pieces of the oven-to-table dishes have been manufactured. These products include but not limited to: casserole dish, gravy boat, skillet, teapot, ramekins, pie plate, loaf pan, sauce pan, coffee pot, frying pan, and a roaster. In the late 1990s Corning Ware (and Corelle) was bought out by World Kitchens Incorporated and discontinued many product favorites. They also stopped using the Pyroceram material as the current products are not stove top safe; however due to popular consumer demand in 2009 they re-introduced the original glass version.

The ad is for one very vintage Wildflower patterned large casserole/baking dish by Corning Ware. This pattern was introduced in 1977 and has many coordinating pieces to its collection. The dishes are all oven, stove top, and microwave safe for consumer convenience."

My niece now trusts me to choose her dishware!  I love Corelle for many reasons.  It is dishwasher safe, oven safe, and microwave safe durable and pretty.  What's not to like?  I chose the Wildflower pattern because of it's pretty orange floral center.

I found this orange salt shaker/pepper mill online, and it has my niece's name written all over them.

I found a copy of the Betty Crocker 40th anniversary cookbook at a thrift shop.

I found lots of extra little things in my own kitchen my niece could use.  A vintage Oster electric knife sharpner, a kitchen timer, a home Thorpe rolling pin, a Pyrex 2 cup measuring cup, and somewhere in the garage is a Cuisinart DLC - 10E 7 cup food processor.  I bought 3 disks and a stem on Ebay for it, and it is ready.  The kitchen cabinets are hiding an orange Le Creuset dutch oven lid that I am certain will perfectly fit the orange Le Creuset chicken fryer I mentioned in a previous post.

 I did have to admit there was no other orange option, but to buy a Rachel Ray sheet pan.  I hated to do it, but what's a girl gonna do?
I found these Tupperware canisters at the thrift shop today. 

 I won this utensil set on Ebay and sis is gonna hang them on a utensil rack over the range.

I found this Vera King size pillowcase on Ebay, and decided to de-construct it and make it into a window valance. 

Here is the finished product.  I think it turned out real well don't you?

I found matching placemats on Ebay.  They came with a set of 4 Vera napkins.

I am going to offer Niecy these four ice cream stools and matching bistro table for her kitchen. I hope she likes them.  I think they will look real cute painted orange like this one, but sis plans to paint them black.  The wood parts of the stools will be refinished, and the table top painted orange.

The ice cream antique bistro set was a big hit with niecy and my sister! They are happily planning to get them asap.

I found a matching twin sized sheet on Ebay, so I decided to buy it.  I will be making a couple of my aprons out of the fabric, and there should be a lot left over for other projects.  Maybe I can make chair seats out of it, or potholders, or something like that.  This idea was vetoed. They want me to make cafe curtains and a square tablecloth to match the valance. I will because it will be soooooo cute!

I told niecy time and time again, every kitchen needs rubber spatulas, a basting brush and some extra spatulas.

And every kitchen needs a good bottle opener, can opener, vegetable peeler, ice cream scoop, tongs, and whisks.

When I get a chance, I will get this type of orange flatware organizer for Neicy.

I couldn't pass these strainers up for $5!

My niece loves to wear rings, but I don't want her wearing them when she is in the kitchen. So I will buy her this orange ring holder for her kitchen.

Niecy needs a cake pan, and I have looked for a good one for her. Something not flimsy, heavy weight is best, and this one should be perfect.

I found this wall clock on Ebay and Niecy loves it!

I found a very pretty vintage ice bucket that is perfect for entertaining.

Fiesta tangerine flatware.

I will take a photo of the entire kitchen when it is finally completed.  According to my calculations, it will be August.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Niecy's Flaming Kitchen Continued

No, I have not yet given up!  I just intend my niece have some quality cookware if it kills her.  Along this line of thought I bought this orange Le Creuset chicken fryer on Ebay.  A little bit skillet, a little bit dutch oven, it can substitute for both.

While going through my enormous cookware inventory, I found an enameled cast iron orange Le Creuset open roasting pan can substitute for a baking pan, and will bake a mean cake!

Also found in my cabinets is the most versatile of all -- a nice large oval orange Le Creuset dutch oven.  It will make your soups, stews, and spaghetti, and it will roast your chicken or pot roast.  I had several extras.

I plan on getting Niecy a Corning Spice of Life teakettle, which will come in handy for making tea, coffee, or hot chocolate or whatever.

And a Corning Spice of Life counter saver will do just that -- save her counter from burns.

My main goal though is to get Niecy to accept a set of Corning Spice of Life bake ware.  I love Corning for many reasons: dishwasher safe, oven safe, and microwave safe -- I love this stuff!  I took some items from my personal collection, including a round cake pan.  I even included a white Corning pie pan. A Corning Spice of Life loaf pan will bake crusty bread and make juicy meatloaves.

I found a mini Bundt muffin pan in my cabinets, along with a larger Bundtlette pan.