Friday, April 27, 2012

I Have Found a Goldmine!!!!!!!!!!

Last Sunday I planted 12 tomato plants, 8 bell pepper plants, 4 jalepeno pepper plants, and 8 more broccoli plants.

I did a light weeding [dandelions are NOT stymied by the heavy mulch]. Most things are doing well except my carrots which were covered by mulch by my garden "helper".

I still have to transplant the wild stawberries into their permanent spot in the garden, but I want to wait until they are a little bigger and stronger.

I spoke to my wonderful friend Adrian today. He is the friend who helped me choose my beautiful black Arabian mare Lady Ashen a few years ago!

Well, Adrian is a farmer who lives nearby and he has a few large round bales of partially decomposed hay that he will GIVE me!

I am doing a happy dance of joy! Soon, I will have enough spoiled hay to mulch all of my young orchard, my roses, my herb bed, my grapevines, a new vegetable bed for squashes, cucumbers, and pumpkins, my garden paths, build a compost heap, and still have hay left over!  I get chills all over just thinking about the rich soil I can build with this motherlode of spoiled hay!

I feel like I really have found gold! Black gold that is.........

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