Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Niecy's Flaming Kitchen, the Tragedies and the Triumphs

My niece, who I talked about in Moving and a Grooving, recently moved into her first apartment.  She turned down a set of blue Le Creuset cookware because she hated the color [niecy loves orange], and she set her heart on a set of orange handled Rachel Ray cookware.  Her idiot mother bought the RR cookware for her against my advice.

That was one tragedy.  The next was when my sister bought said niece a plastic knife block with orange handled Rachel Ray knives.

I couldn't take it anymore.  The waste, the futility, the nonsense was overwhelming to a sensitive soul like mine.  I took over and bought Niecy this stacking look orange cookie jar from Ebay.  Now this is what I am talking about -- a good solid space saving investment, that matches the stacking canister set I bought her from Ebay perfectly.

Then I decided on Pyrex Autumn Harvest mixing bowls.  Another Ebay purchase.  What makes these bowls a hit are not the color, but that Pyrex makes good quality mixing bowls.

I suddenly remembered I had an old orange Rival crockpot, and thought, "This is perfect".  My lovely niece is not much of a cook, but she likes to try.

On Ebay, I discovered an orange Kitchenaid hand mixer.   And a hand mixer is useful even when she does need a good stand mixer.  And I will be there to help her with that at a later time.

On Etsy, I saw an orange Waring Blender.  It is a solid durable piece of equipment, not a patch on a Vita Mix, but useful.

I bought Niecy orange Tupperware plastic pitchers from Ebay and will buy matching tumblers first chance I get.  Just what a young mother needs.  No breakage to worry about.

I have seen kitchen towels, and incidentals were very inexpensive online.  Like tfis dishpan set off Ebay.

Although my niece's kitchen will be bright and colorful, it is not exactly the type of kitchen I had in mind.  But at least this stuff will get her started, and maybe someday, she will see the light.  I have hopes of her at least getting some great pieces of flame orange colored Le Creuset or Descoware!

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