Friday, August 31, 2012

My Momma Done Tole Me......

To take good care of her beloved Nelco J A-38 sewing machine, as she went through her final illness.  We both loved that machine sooooooooo much. 

I remember the day the salesman came to our house showing her the ins and outs of how this fascinating machine worked.  I was about fourteen years old.  Our previous machine [which I learned to sew on] was a White treadle straight stitch sewing machine.  Neither of us had any idea how to sew on an electric zig zag sewing machine!  We were both totally enthralled.  And then, wonder of wonders, my dad said ok! 

Then the golden day, our marvel arrived and was set up in its cabinetry. 

We were shown all sorts of stuff by the dealer representative, so much so, that our brains went into overload.  The next day, we sat at our new baby, and just looked at each other.  Neither of us knew where to begin.

We soon learned the basics of how to use our new toy, and it became a valuable member of the family.  All through high school, college, and for years afterwards we used our Nelco.  And mom passed the torch to me.  I use it in loving memory of mom.

I will have the machine thoroughly serviced asap, because it has never been serviced to my knowledge!  I want to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Over the years, the extra feet that went with this machine disappeared.  But the Nelco uses high shank feet, and I found some for her on Ebay.


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