Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chain, Chain, Chain...Chain, Chain, Chain...Chain of Fools

Yes, I could have bought a Wilcox and Gibbs antique chainstitch sewing machine, but I wanted something a little more versatile. I wanted a machine that could not only chainstitch, but do decorative stitching with less expensive cams than is available for my Viking 6030. I did a little research on PatternReview online site, and then did more research on Ebay.

I was able to buy a Singer Touch and Sew 603E [one of the last models with metal gearing] and 20 decorative cams for less than I would pay just for a set of 8 Viking cams. 

I received this machine with 20 decorative cams and a variety of different feet.  It also came with a couple of attachments which convert this lockstitch sewing machine into a chainstitch sewing machine.

Why would I want a single thread chainstitching machine you ask.......?  Chainstitching is useful for basting, stay-stitching, fastening removable trimming, hemming curtains and draperies that may need to be altered, sewing temporary tucks to extend the life of children's clothes, making welting for corded seams or tubular cording, attaching hem tape and elastic waistbands, repairing knit and stretch garments, and making stay chains to anchor linings, or hold belts or shoulder pads in place.
I am going to have to have my Singer 603E serviced before I can sew on it, so it will be several months before I can start to use it.  But I think it is well worth waiting on.

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