Friday, September 28, 2012

Come With Me To My Garden -- at Dinnertime

My mother left me an historic and beautiful display of antique eggshell nautilus china Ferndale by Homer Laughlin.  Eggshell Nautilus china was designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead and sold by the Homer Laughlin China Company from 1937 until the 1950's when the pattern was discontinued. The eggshell design was one of the company's most popular china styles and was described by some as a joy to behold.  Elegant scrollwork was the hallmark 
of this delicate china.  While the Homer Laughlin China Company is still in business today, eggshell nautilus china, originally sold through catalog sellers, such as Montgomery Ward and Sears, now offers only a memory and a glimpse of the past.

Finest Quality, Lightweight Eggshell Ferndale pattern N1577, made by Homer Laughlin form 1937 to about 1950 in Newell, West Virginia, USA. It is a hard to find pattern and is in the Eggshell Nautilus line.  Eggshell made by Homer Laughlin, was made in two forms of Nautilus; original and eggshell.  Eggshell is the lightweight version. Eggshell Nautilus has a pedestal foot and a smooth handle.  Both patterns have a shell-look shape to them.

Delicately covered in pink and yellow roses on background of lovely floral sprays is the motif of the elegant pattern.  Wide ivory border, usually found on only the finest china, genuine 22KT gold line on rim and gold color line on inner circle.  Embossed rim gives the final touch aristocratic distinction to this deluxe quality dinnerware.  The bottom of the piece has the stamp of HLC Eggshell Nautilus. 


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