Monday, December 31, 2012


You are going to need 4 basic bracelets, but you WILL have many more than that!

I am a true believer in stacking to gain the look I am aiming for.  I can't afford the massive statement piece of jewelry, but I can afford to stack cheaper pieces til they become a dramatic piece!

So having said this, these are the bracelets you need:

A diamond bracelet
A pearl bracelet
A precious stone of your choice bracelet
A gold bracelet

I began snatching up affordable diamond tennis bracelets at pawn shops in my area.  I now have three of them, and although each does not look like much individually, massed together they are scintillating!

I did the same thing with pearl bracelets.  One day, I will get them re-strung on a triple clasp with rubies.  But some triple strand pearl bracelets are so affordable in pawn shops, you might not have to do the stacking thing.

I think wide gold bangle bracelets to be a true fashion classic.  You just have to have one or two to add presence to your look.  They are necessary not only for your casual look, but stacked with precious stone studded bangles, they will take you to all hours of your fashionable evening.

Imagine the impact you will have if you stack two wide gold bracelets with three ruby studded bracelets! 

And do not forget the versatility of simple gemstone tennis bracelets!  I like to get 2 or three of them just alike, and then I can intersperse them with the diamond tennis bracelets for true bling with a capital B.

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