Saturday, December 1, 2012

I Have Got to Get My Sewing Room Organized! Part Two

The More Things Change!!!!!!!!  The more they stay the same!  My sewing room is always in a state of flux!  Since some of my previous posts, I have added several new machines and other equipment and now I have to reassess my situation. 

In my living room, I will keep the antique oak treadle sewing cabinets with their Singer Sphinx and Singer Lotus sewing machines.  They will not live in the sewing room proper because I will not be using them on a regular basis if at all, and that will make room for the machines I do use.

In the sewing room, I will have my "new" vintage Sears Kenmore sewing machine cabinet with my Necchi Lelia 515 machine that I will use for buttonholes exclusively. 

There also will be my Elna SP 33C cabinet sewing machine and my mother's Nelco J A -38 sewing machine in cabinet.  These are my "go to" straight and zig zag everyday machines.

The sewing room also will hold my Pfaff 1473 CD, Bernina Record 830, and my Viking 6030 in their respective carrying cases. 

I will sell my antique Rotary straight stitch sewing machine, my Janome, and my Singer 603E Touch and Sew with all of its many attachments on Yahoo's Sewitsforsale site.

All of this moving around will leave me with the 6 Elna Lotus/Stella sewing machines I use for my Children's classes; my Necchi Lelia 515, my Nelco JA -38, my Elna SP 33C,  my Pfaff 1473 CD, my
Bernina Record 830, and my Viking 6030.

I also have a dedicated cutting table that takes up lots of space, and an ironing board in addition to the daybed, tall chest for thread storage, cabinet end table, and sewing chair.

I have a antique cast iron thread stand that moves about the room where needed.

My huge thread collection is stored in the tall oak chest near the door.  It also holds my silk fabric stash.


  1. Where cn I find the gold scaf clip and the pendant holder?