Monday, December 31, 2012


I've got one thing to say about rings for women -- DON'T FORGET MEN'S RINGS when you are out shopping!

There are several things I love about men's rings. 

1.  They are made of much stronger and heavier gold and so are more durable than lady's rings.
2.  The settings for the stones are more secure than ladies rings.
3.  The massive size of men's rings are a dramatic counterpoint to more dainty ladies hands.  They     make even larger lady's hands look more feminine.
4.  They are easily and less expensively sized down to fit.  Sizing up costs a lot more money!
5.  You can get a better bargain on men's rings often in pawn shops.  They don't sell as well.

I suggest you get three rings.

A diamond ring for formal occasions.

A precious stone ring of your choice.

Then you should add one gold ring of your choice.  Being a Leo, this is what I chose.

And if you are looking to get married, do not under estimate the power of a man's diamond wedding band for YOU!  When your finances improve, then you can buy a dynamite engagement ring to work with it.

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