Monday, December 31, 2012


I always suggest you start your quest for quality earrings with 3 classic pairs:

   1.  Diamond studs -- as large as you can afford
   2.  Precious gem studs -- in your favorite stone whether ruby, sapphire, emerald.......
   3.  Pearl studs

Then, you need to add a punch of color and impact.  After all, earrings are supposed to highlight your face and you can't do that with a dinky look.  Go for the bold!  So I suggest you look at purchasing:

   1.  a pair of large diamond earring jackets
   2.  a pair of diamond long dangle earring jackets
   3.  a pair of large gold earring jackets
   4.  a pair of long dangle gold earring jackets
   5.  a pair of precious gem earring jackets
   6.  a pair of large precious gem dangle earring jackets
   7.  a pair of pearl dangle earring jackets



With these 10 pieces you will be able to mix and match your way to a multitude of stylish looks.

Of course you will be looking for nice used pieces picked up for very little [relatively speaking] from pawn shops and from the vintage/antique jewelry area on Ebay.

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