Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garden Decorating Ideas

On my tiny back porch I have a white wicker storage bench seat and two white wicker rockers.  The bench looks a little bit like this -- I will post a photo of the real thing later.  I made yellow vinyl cushions and red tweed upholstered  rocker cushions.

And the two wicker rockers look a little like this one.

A small china floral bird bath pedestal table serves the rockers. 

I put up white plastic trellises to create shade and planted climbing roses on them.

Against the house, near the vegetable garden beds and water hoses, I placed two vintage rustic wood benches.  I keep a couple of large wash basins on top to provide a jerry rigged "outdoor sink".  This is where I wash vegetables from the garden.  Underneath the benches I store the yellow cat litter buckets I use for gardening. 

On the lawn when I am entertaining is two sets of bistro tables and chairs. 

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