Friday, February 10, 2012

Out of the Closet Collector

The luster of shiny new appliances can't compete with the virtues of Vintage: namely durability, simplicity, superior cooking, and a cool retro look.

Yes, that is my mantra.  I guess you have figured out by now that I am a vintage kitchen equipment junkie........oh lord have pity on me.

All joking aside, whenever I look for a specific item I need, I am always drawn to the vintage version if one exists.  For instance, I needed a kitchen scale, so I bought this one.

I wanted a dispenser to hold huge rolls of restaurant wraps, so I bought this one.

Before I was born, my parents kept their bills on this little thing. 

When I searched for an electric deli meat slicer, I had to have this one.

I make a lot of iced tea or lemonade, especially in the summertime.  So when I saw this 5 gallon drink dispenser I had to have it, and it stays in my refrigerator ready whenever I need a drink.

I love french onion soup, and the day I found 8 of these Descoware mini casseroles in a thrift shop, they came home with me!

As I get older, I need a place to sit and do kitchen work at times.  I was at a garage sale when I saw this great old ice cream stool.  All it needs is a coat of paint, and a new seat.

Hardly a necessity, but useful nonetheless, is this 1970s era spice seasoning chart printed on masonite.  I glued magnet strips on the back, and now it is convienently mounted on the refrigerator door.

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