Friday, February 17, 2012

Back Yard Cooking -- Smoking & Grilling Equipment

Charcoal Smoker Grill

I refuse to use a gas grill!  If I want to cook on gas, I will cook inside.  To me, the romance of smoking/grilling is the flavor from the charcoal and/or wood smoke. 

I bought my grill at a Church tag sale for $15 years ago, and it is in great condition.  The brand is Char-Broil and I can not recommend it more highly.  It is large enough to cook for a crowd, but fits nicely in any yard.

"Barbecue grills by Char Broil are manufactured by Home Leisure Group which is owned by W.C Bradley Co. The company is based in Columbus, Georgia. The charcoal grill has made the name Char Broil a world famous brand. Today, they produce charcoal, electric and gas grills and are the largest producers in this field."

"Many people will argue the fact that the best way to cook a decent BBQ is using the charbroil charcoal grills which give off a pleasant smokey taste to meats and other foods. This method of cooking comes from generations ago and even ancient times where huge feasts where prepared on a layer of hot coals. The native Hawaiian people have used this method of cooking for centuries and now it is even easier with the latest designs in BBQ’s.

Covered BBQ’s have the ability to circulate heat just like an oven would however cooking over an open grill is also a great way of preparing meats and other treats. When cooking a roast on the charbroil charcoal grill BBQ you want a BBQ design which has a cover to seal in the heat and cook the roast right through. When cooking sausages, chops of steaks then the open air style of cooking does a perfect job and you will only need the BBQ lid to keep the foods warm once everyone has been served, in case they want a second helping."

A cast iron sewing machine base combined with a top creates my grill side working surface that withstands the elements and gives me space for readying foodstuffs for the grill. 

Dexter Russell Meat Fork

Dexter Turner

Vollrath Tongs

Char-Broil Electric Rotisserie

Charcoal Chimney Starter

Mom's Cast Iron Skillet

My Grandma's Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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