Sunday, February 26, 2012

What to do with a Range Wall?

I have yellow tile backsplashes over most of the kitchen, but since I will be doing a mini re-model, I don't know what to do with the area where the refrigerator used to be, that I will be placing my range.  The walls there are painted, and I want to protect them from grease and dirt.

I am considering using tin embossed ceiling tile, but since I need to store as much as possible in my tiny kitchen, I don't think that will work. 

I do have another thought though.  I could order this pretty tile mural I saw.  I could get a piece of plywood and mount them to it, adding some solid white colored tiles to make it bigger.  I have an empty large picture frame I could frame it with and then I could hang it over the range.

Then, I could do the same thing with another tile mural.  I have another large empty picture frame and I could hang this tile grouping plus some solid white tiles on the adjoining kitchen wall for grease/dirt protection. 

Then, on the adjoining sliver of wall, I can hang a pair of shelves.  I already have one shelf that matches the pot racks I will mount from the ceiling over my make-shift island.  

On the two shelves, I can put my yellow spice drawers, my spice grinder sets, pot holders, and aprons. 

On the rest of the wall, I can hang my match holder and towel bar. 

The last tile mural can be used on the countertop next to the range to protect the yellow formica.

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