Sunday, February 12, 2012

Setting the Breakfast Table

I hate lightweight thin casual glassware.  I think glasses should feel substantial in the hand, so you KNOW you have a glass in your hand.  I found some of these glasses one day in the thrift shop.  I kept my eyes open for more, and discovered they were made by Libbey and the pattern is called Chivalry.  They are marketed to restaurants and sold in restaurant supply stores.

I hate flimsy cheap flatware with a passion!  I tried this type, and that type until I visited my friendly neighborhood used restaurant supply store one day.  They had a bin of what I later learned was Vollrath pistol grip flatware.  They sold me the whole bin for about $8.  I counted them later and found I had about 25 place settings.  These feel good in my hand and I have been very satisfied.

Way back in the mid 1970s, I bought a set of 4 of Corelle Spring Blossom green dishes.  My grandmother had a set also.  Over the years I found more and more at thrift shops and gave them to my mother and my grandmother.  When my mom and grandmother passed away, I found myself the owner of upwards of 30 place settings!  I will never buy paper plates, cause if one of these breaks I'll never miss it. 

I bought these dishes because they are dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.  They are also lightweight and comfortable to use compared to stoneware or ironstone.  Isn't it odd that I like heavy flatware and heavy glassware, but lightweight dishware?

It goes without saying I had to have the matching pyrex mixing bowls!

It is difficult for me to admit, but I guess I'll have to just spit it out.  Years before I had EVER heard of Martha Stewart, my father and I collected Jadite dishware.  So at first when I saw her on TV showing off her collection I was gratified to see my taste validated.  Then, the world jumped on the Jadite glass bandwagon and we were drowned in reproductions and go with accessories.  I began to resent the intense love affair the world was having with this glassware.  I even found out recently that Paula Deen collects Jadite dishware.

So as a stand alone, or mixed with the Spring Blossom green Corelle, my Jadite dishes are welcome additions to my breakfast table. 

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